Non-profit PSA

Year: 2023
Role: Designer and Motion Designer
Time: 3 weeks
Script Writen by Kyle Switzer 
Voice Actress: Laura Ubaté
A PSA to promote Fraternidadsinfronteras, a Mexico City based nonprofit that offers living conditions to people with intellectual disabilities.



The first script takes the form of a poem—where definitions are sequenced to unravel the essence of "Home."

Home is where the heart finds peace,

A haven from the world's unease.

Where memories linger in the air,

And comfort soothes away life's wear.

Home is where the laughter of loved one’s sounds,

And simple pleasures are often found.

A place where we can truly be,

And feel completely, unreservedly, free.

In a home, we find strength

To overcome any obstacle, at any length,

For when we stand together as one,

We can achieve what cannot be done.


The second script, a call to action, targets Mexico City, urging change.

Mexico! It's time to work together
To join arms.

Como familia. (as family)
out of our 9 million disabled people.

98% will not receive proper care.

That’s 98% without proper medication
98% without community.

98% of an opportunity lost
so let's build from the ground up.
Work with us to empower a generation of

artists, writers, chiefs,

Reach forward.
Al juntos! (together)

Because when we work together,
we make sure nobody gets left behind.


Because Fraternidadsinfronteras it is a nonforprofit based in Mexico City, I knew I wanted a voice actress with a latino accent. Luckily I had met the wonderful podcaster Laura Ubaté at the park a month prior!  We did several takes and I patched together a final version from the best of those takes.

Style Frames

All frames created by myself during a three day weekend.

3D and AF Compositing

Composition created in Cinema4D, textures mapped using Cineware and set matt in After Effects.

Cloners, Effectors, and fields

For the end, I created a spherical cloner with both a random and push apart effector.

I then created a luminance material with its alpha channel tied to a linear field. All the spheres in the cloner were given this material so when the linear field passed through the cloner it activated the alpha channel of each orb.

3D placement Expression

With the help of Desmond Du I used an expressions to randomize the location

of sprites in x,y,z. Then put a simple wiggle to make them float.

Randomize Placement of object xyz

seed = 20;
min = [25,25,1];
max = [thisComp.width,thisComp.height,1000]



Randomize Placement of object xyz

seed = 20;
min = [25,25,1];
max = [thisComp.width,thisComp.height,1000]



Final Asset

I wanted to Insert one final asset at the end of the sequence that would act as the cherry on top. I wanted to make sure you knew I was incontrol.

This final asset would also function to guide the eye upwards twords the word “Free”