Year: 2022
Role: Motion Designer

For this piece, I animated the logo for a soft drink brand called “BASK”. The color pallet (animated below) features a plethora of fun, warm and cool tones— so I knew I had to make the most of color play in the design. Additionally, I was tasked with making a design that could be re-edited to be 1080 x 1080, or 1920 x 1080.

Concept Development

I began by creating two-word lists. This helped guide me when thinking of functional animations that connect to the brand.


I presented three storyboards to BASK where multiple critiques followed.

Design 1

After presenting the storyboards, the client wanted to see
the second option and the third option as final renders.

The client expressed concerns with bending the logo and mentioned that this took away from the legibility of the type. Understood.

The second design would focus heavily on prioritizing the complete legibility of the logo while maintaining a dynamic movement that could capture interest on social media or Tv.

Design 2

For the second design, I wanted to work on creating my own black and white animation to later use as a custom alpha mat.

I started by creating a couple of assets of different sized circles in illustrator then animating them to rise in a way that felt as if they were in a bath of water. I looked at multiple videos of bubbles rising to base this movement off.

I then used the initial animation as a pre-comp and organized a couple of separate larger circles to come in as a final reveal of the logo. I wanted to make the transition last only 2-3 seconds to make sure to capture the viewer, without overloading them with too much motion.

Final Result

I delivered a number of color options of the final design so the client. Although there were a couple of favorites, in the end, we went for the yellow and blue.