Ukiyo Rebrand

Ukiyo is a local Japanese restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, known for its commitment to fresh ingredients and a sleek, modern ambiance.

I don’t think we see enough collaboration between food and design. Just as the food is meticulously crafted and presented, the branding should reflect a similar essence of minimal, well executed design.  

All aspects of the project from concept, design and animation were done by myself with the assistance of Professor Brandon Sugiyama


It was important for me to define what a brand system meant and what success would look like within a good branding system.

I found a sucess in the idea of consistency, while also developing a strong toolkit to facilitate easy scaling. Gridding helped me keep all deliverables neat and organized, along with incorporating the motif of squares into the branding—squares scale really well.

Branding loops

Creating assets for the web required meticulous attention to detail. One crucial task was ensuring all videos looped seamlessly, so viewers would never scroll down to a jarring click or reset in the animation.

Digital Menu

In the landscape of modern dining, the QR code menu, has become a communality. I wanted to figure out this design challenge: How does one elevate the experience of a phone menu while prioritizing legibility? 

Poster Design

Digital menus demand a sharp focus on legibility, both in imagery and typography. When it comes to assets like posters and billboards, I focused on crafting an ambiance that exudes of sophistication and exclusivity.