The House Of Mirrors

Photographer: Kyle Switzer
Cover art: Kyle Switzer
Layout Consulting: Reed Hollett
Writing: Kyle Switzer
Between March 2021 - August 2021, I moved to Mexico City to live alone and study remotely. During that time I compiled hundreds of street photography images focusing on family life in Mexico City and neighboring towns. This project is a combination of my photography, layout, and motion media skills all coming together to create and sell this personalized photo book of Mexico City culture. 

On December 15th I sold out all 35 books and I donated $800 of profits to Mexico City-based charity Fraternidad Sin Fronteras.

Advertising and Marketing

After laying out the book I worked on marketing through a planned roll out. The videos were created to be ambiguous and enigmatic—not holding much information other than the signature worlds “The House of Mirrors” at the end. I shot most of the footage during my time in Mexico City, mostly in the Metro.

Assisted by marketing major Caeden Carvalho, the roll out below was planned and then executed between November 20th and December 15. I worked within a Facebook business profile keeping track of the most engaged viewers throughout the process, then pushed content to this target audience through paid advertisements.